Janik Bürgin

Plastic. In the environment. In the ocean. In food. Plastic is omnipresent in our time and is becoming more and more of a problem, especially through carelessly discarded trash or uncontrolled landfills. Produced in the shortest time and in masses, plastic mostly serves us as a disposable item and finds its way into the garbage a short time later. Or directly into the environment. Countless creatures die in agony as a result of our plastic consumption, and although the problem is well known, too little is often done about it. The collected plastic items used for this work will outlive us all, because many objects made of plastic spend only a fraction of their life with us and will remain on this earth for an indefinite time. And much longer than we humans are meant to live.

Will we leave behind a landfill? Will the world be covered with plastic mounds at your demise?